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  • Abstract Verdancy

    Rice paper & Oil on canvas
    Size: 18 * 18 inches

    • This painting is an abstract representation of a green forest, set against a dark background.
    • The dynamic brush strokes and vibrant hues showcase the majesty of nature, while the close-up of a textured green wall adds a unique element to the composition.
    • This painting is a celebration of nature’s vibrancy and the artist’s creative vision.


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  • Annar on Cycle

    Color Pencil on Paper
    Size: 25 * 20 inches

    • “Anar on Cycle,” is a vibrant depiction of a bicycle adorned with an array of fruits, including pomegranates and apples.
    • The fruits, presented in a woven basket atop the bicycle’s front tire, add a playful and festive demeanor to the scene.
    • One of the pomegranates has fallen out of the basket and landed next to it on a wooden plate.
    • The background consists of a simple white paper, allowing the bright colors of the fruit to pop and draw the viewer’s attention toward the bicycle’s unique design.


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  • Butterfly Whispers

    Charcoal & Acrylic on canvas
    Size: 36 * 36 inches

    • This painting is a fascinating depiction of a woman with her eyes closed, and a butterfly perched on her nose, almost blending into her skin.
    • The background is filled with shades of red, creating a gradient effect, and is decorated with multiple butterflies. A large red flower with gold leaves stands out in the top left corner.
    • This piece is a celebration of a woman’s beauty and her connection to nature.


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  • Daughter Of The Sea

    Acrylic on canvas
    Size: 120 * 60 inches

    • “Daughters of the Sea,” is a breathtaking depiction of a bustling beach scene.
    • The striking pink and orange hues of the sky and mountain provide a dramatic backdrop for the multitude of figures enjoying the seaside.
    • A group of women wearing colorful saris sits in the center of the composition, their backs turned to the viewer, chatting animatedly amongst themselves.
    • This painting is a masterful representation of a bustling beach scene, full of life and energy.



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  • Embrace in Abstraction

    Mixed Media on Canvas
    Size: 36 * 36 inches

    • This painting is an abstract representation of a man and a woman in an intimate embrace.
    • The figures are depicted using sweeping, diagonal brushstrokes that lend the composition a sense of dynamism and movement.
    • The woman, in a flowing blue dress, dominates the lower-right section of the canvas, while the man, with his distinctive mustache, is found towards the upper-left side.
    • The painting also features a repeated, ghostly image of a black-and-white photograph in the top-right corner, adding a layer of mystery to the piece.
    • This painting is an evocative and mysterious composition that offers plenty of details for the viewer to explore and interpret.


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  • Ethereal Butterfly

    Charcoal & Acrylic on canvas
    Size: 60 * 36 inches

    • This painting is a captivating portrait of a woman with a butterfly on her cheek.
    • The painting is set against a black background, further emphasizing the figure’s ethereal quality.
    • The surrounding spaces showcase various other butterfly-themed artworks, adding to the surreal impression of the image.
    • This painting is a celebration of the whimsical and the ethereal.


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  • Feminine Spectrum

    Acrylic on Canvas
    Size: 48 * 42 inches

    • This painting is a captivating collection of various artworks, each telling its own unique story.
    • The central piece is a painting of two women in blue and purple hues, their close bond beautifully depicted through complementary colors.
    • Adjacent to this is a painting of a woman carrying a basket, her form partially abstracted, adding an element of intrigue.
    • Another painting showcases a woman in a regal purple dress, her gaze meeting the viewers, creating a sense of connection.
    • The collection is a testament to the artist’s ability to capture the essence of femininity in its various forms.


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  • From Panvel Bridge

    Oil on canvas
    Size: 40 * 30 inches

    • “From Panvel Bridge,” captures a bustling waterfront scene with boats meandering between towering stone buildings.
    • The natural waterway curves through the foreground, providing a sense of depth and movement, while in the distance is a spire-topped church.
    • The scene is rich in details, from the rippling water to the colorful facades of the historic architecture.


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  • Galloping Shadows, Silent Thoughts

    Acrylic on canvas
    Size: 36 * 60 inches

    • The mix of speed, intensity, and reflection in this acrylic-on-canvas painting is mesmerizing.Two galloping horses have been expertly caught in an abstract geometric pattern by the artist, with their dynamic movement represented in crisp, angular lines and forms.
    • The horses’ sharp black and white coloring stands out nicely against the muted, soft grey background, giving the image a feeling of depth and movement.
    • The horses’ movements and flowing manes and tails convey a sense of mobility and freedom. They move in a repetitive graphical pattern, giving the composition a special visual beat.


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