Paresh Thukrul
Paresh Thukrul

Paresh Thukrul

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  • Daughter Of The Sea

    Acrylic on canvas
    Size: 120 * 60 inches

    • “Daughters of the Sea,” is a breathtaking depiction of a bustling beach scene.
    • The striking pink and orange hues of the sky and mountain provide a dramatic backdrop for the multitude of figures enjoying the seaside.
    • A group of women wearing colorful saris sits in the center of the composition, their backs turned to the viewer, chatting animatedly amongst themselves.
    • This painting is a masterful representation of a bustling beach scene, full of life and energy.



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  • From Panvel Bridge

    Oil on canvas
    Size: 40 * 30 inches

    • “From Panvel Bridge,” captures a bustling waterfront scene with boats meandering between towering stone buildings.
    • The natural waterway curves through the foreground, providing a sense of depth and movement, while in the distance is a spire-topped church.
    • The scene is rich in details, from the rippling water to the colorful facades of the historic architecture.


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  • Konkan Sea Coast

    Oil on canvas
    Size: 60 * 50 inches

    • “Konkan Sea Coast,” is a captivating seaside panorama featuring an assortment of human and animal figures in various poses.
    • Boats of all sizes line the sand, while birds soar overhead, braving the salty sea breeze.
    • In the foreground, a group of oxen lazes amidst the sandy shoreline, unfazed by the bustling activity around them.
    • This painting masterfully captures the energetic and colorful dynamics of a busy beachside evening.


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